Advanced Materials and Energy Group
Our research is in the field of development of advanced materials and energy systems with applications in diffusional processes in the areas of health, food and energy. We work on problems of social, production and enviromental relevance that require a substantial understanding of mass and energy transfert phenomena, biology and economics. As such, our group consists of people with backgrounds in materials, chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.
Our studies focus on biomaterials, controlled drug release and micro and nano structured materials.Our knowledge and technologies find applications as:
  1. Injectable microcapsules for controlled hormone delivery for artificial estrous induction in cattle
  2. Hybrid nanocoating of cardiovascular stents
  3. Cardiovascular protesis microcoating for arterial controlled drug relase
  4. Bone regenerative microporous composite materials
  5. Microparticles for embolization and controlled drug release of cancer in filtrating organs
  6. Microwave modulated drug release
  7. Bio-integrated electonics
We strive to drive innovative materials and energy approaches from basic concepts to their practical use. We also develop intelectual property and apply bussiness and technology management concepts of innovation. One material has been taken to clinic, globally patented and licenced (injectable microcapsules for controlled drug delivery), and two others are in advanced development (hydrid nanocoating of cardiovascular stents and cancer embolizants).
Our current projects are:
  • Biomaterials for microencapsulation and controlled drug release for veterinary applications.
  • Composite microporous biomaterials for hard tissue engineering and controlled drug release.
  • Biomaterials for embolization and controlled drug release in filtrating organs cancer.
  • Biomaterials for controlled drug release microcoatings and surface functionalization of cardiovascular stents.
  • Bio-integrated electronics.
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